Review Policy

All reviews and opinions expressed on this blog are solely my own honest ones. I am not compensated for my reviews in any way. I accept books from publishers or authors in exchange for a  honest review of the material. Most of the books I review are Teen/YA or Children’s Fiction. As I teenager myself, these are the majority of books I review as I feel I can give an authentic opinion and perspective that cannot be attained from an adult point of view. Though occasionally I will read and review other genres of books. At this point in time I am not accepting Picture Books or Non-Fiction books, but if you feel that you would be an exception to this case feel free to give me an email. I accept books in ebook or hard copy though hard copy is preferred as I like to take notes throughout the book and put sticky notes in it and such. It also means I am able to promote the book more via Instagram and Facebook as I can take photos of it.

I will always give a professional, fair and honest review of all books I review on this blog. Just take note though that all reviews are honest and I don’t tend to sugar coat things too much. 

Please contact me through email for review requests.


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